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Because He Lives

Jesus is definitely not where he is “supposed” to be this morning.

May it be true of us too.

Where are you willing to go, BECAUSE He lives?

He wasn’t supposed to talk to the Samaritan woman.

He wasn’t supposed to eat with the tax collectors.

He wasn’t supposed to sit with the sinners.

He wasn’t supposed to heal on the Sabbath.

He wasn’t supposed to say he was God. (Tell the truth)

All those things got him killed.

Tried. Convicted. Crucified by his own creation.

He knew what was coming.

He did it anyway. Because there was no other way than THE WAY of love.

He couldn’t be anything different.

Dr. King wasn’t supposed to lead a movement in the 60’s.

Rosa Parks wasn’t supposed to take that seat.

Beth Moore wasn’t supposed to leave home.

Joyce Meyer wasn’t supposed to stand in a pulpit.

Madam CJ Walker wasn’t supposed to start that business.

Fannie Lou Hamer wasn’t supposed to vote.

John Lewis wasn’t supposed to cross that bridge.

Colin Kaepernick wasn’t supposed to take a knee.

Jen Barnes wasn’t supposed to launch this WGA brand.

Dr. Vonnetta West wasn’t supposed to forgive the white woman who paid her grandmother .10 cents a day and called her the “N” word.”

Lauren Sellers wasn’t supposed to ask questions or change her mind.

Dr. Bernice A. King wasn’t supposed to learn how to love white men, after her father was taken from her by a white assassin's gun, in a nation where he was hated by white people.

Kayla Perry wasn’t supposed to beat cancer.

Jesus wasn’t supposed to walk out of that tomb.

What did the resurrection really mean?

Love cannot die. It has a way about it. And the way of it cannot fail.

It may be rejected by culture or confuse popular perception, but it wins, always.

And when we walk in the way of it, when it has its own way in us, we are confronted with no longer being able to do what we are “supposed to do” at times.

Because love compels us to do what we MUST do in order to stay within THE WAY of it.

What are you “not supposed to be doing” that you’re doing BECAUSE HE LIVES?

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