We believe that awakening takes time and a lifelong commitment to curiosity and healing. Our team has spent countless hours developing what we believe is a roadmap to understanding this beautiful journey we call; White Girl Awakening. Check out the journey map below.



Given the belief that something was broken thousands of years ago when sin entered the world and we are all on a journey to heal it, we have to make a choice. To either deny or acknowledge the separation that exists within the body of Christ that shields us from truthfully knowing, seeing and understanding one another. It's coming face to face with the realities that some of our beliefs and actions may have been wrong.


Now that we have acknowledged the tension, it’s time to enter into the wilderness of surrender. This is being willing to accept that God is always more than we can comprehend and He has more to show us about Himself from those who exist outside of our silos and echo chambers.

PHASE 3: COMMIT TO CURIOSITY (conviction-based) 

Putting what we believe to be true on the altar to be tested, tried, and purified, so that our belief about others can be made holy by God. This is a righteous questioning of what has been and what could be different. Separating what was created from the brokenness of humanity and not the pureness of Christ. This isn’t reshaping our view of God, this is about trusting God to expand and grow our faith to have a heart that’s crying for all people from every nation. 


We can’t rush past pain to get to hope. Sometimes we have to sit and be still in the crushing, trusting that God is redeeming us and humanity. Here we begin to carry the pain of others, and recognize that God has bottled every tear of all of his people, not just ours. Anger, sadness, confusion, hesitation, questioning, self-punishment, guilt and fear are felt in this phase. And it is right there, in the crushing, that empathy is born. 


This is about stepping out of the shallows and changing how we’ve been led and who leads us in certain areas of our understanding as it pertains to people of color. We recognize that we have had the privilege to opt out of pain others cannot, and this has misshaped our perspective and worldview. Now we are ready for the challenge to dig deeper into ourselves and commit to a life of learning from others about who they are and how they experience the world by intentionally engaging and nurturing genuine relationships.


Now we are exploring and recognizing the needs, perspectives, brilliance, leadership and fullness of people of color. We are living spaciously by creating room in our lives for the vastness of God, the differences of others, and the wholeness of ourselves. We are operating with enough wholeness in our hearts to welcome the beautiful messiness that a life of togetherness can cultivate.


Through embracing the beauty a life of togetherness brings, we have tasted and seen a goodness worth sharing with others. We invite those we love to join us on our journey because we now hold a new hope that it is possible for our world to experience a collective restoration, in this day, through committing to a life of awakening.