We believe that one of the most powerful ways to be on a healthy awakening journey is through gleaning from leaders who have wisdom and practical guidance that has helped shape the world. Keep scrolling to watch our free Awakening Sessions with trusted leaders all over the world who are committed to eradicating racism and learning how to love when the world chooses hate. ⁣



Awakening Session 1

Dr. Vonnetta L. West

Sarah Anderson

Jen Barnes

Have you felt the increasing tension with your family and friends as the election draws near? Are you wondering how to lean in when politics threatens to tear us apart? Have you grown frustrated with your social media feed full of the same opinions?



Awakening Session 2

Pastor Taffi Dollar

Kellie Copeland

Jen Barnes

Here we are for another White Girl Awakening Session! In this session we will talk about how we can find community in chaos and make space for each other to learn and grow. After a divisive election cycle, many of us need help answering the question; Where do we go from here?